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My first day of Qcon is Kent Beck’s Mapping XP tutorial. The content of the tutorial is a bit weaker than what I expected. It covers an overview of the of XP’s values, principles and practices. Most of the time were discussions on the attendees experience. Afterward, we spent some times on Mind Mapping and Appreciative Inquiry technique. Although it’s not a new ideas, like XP ten years ago which gave me stunning feeling, it still provides the attendees some interesting exercises.

In the afternoon, it covered some PP experience, change control / change management, and his new book Implementation Patterns. I was a bit disappointed that he did not cover any specific TDD experience. Again… most of the time was spending on discussions among attendees. At the end Kent also covered the other two patterns that is not in his book yet…

In general, you can feel Kent’s experience and vision, but the whole tutorial is kind of lacking focus or themes… Personally,  I prefer the session in last year’s MS pattern & practice summit, that Peter Provost and Michael Puleio given. They ran the presentation as an Agile process, from getting audience’s requirements, prioritize and role playing…


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