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Qcon SF summary


Unlike the PDC having the full video sessions http://channel9.msdn.com/pdc2008/, it still provides a good summary of those sessions and link to the Qcon sites for downloading the presentations …

Eric Evans interview at QCon SF Besides, Eric Evans was interviewed during QCon in San Francisco about the state of the art in Domain-Driven Design. Watch interview

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Full of bells-and-whistles of Velocity, Oslo, Sync Framework and .NET parallel extension. Gates also disclosed that UML will be part of Visual Studio 10, which I asked for years… The reappearance of the general-purpose industry standard UML for modeling in the flagship products in Microsoft’s developer line comes after several years of emphasis on special-purpose Microsoft-brewed DSLs, or Domain-Specific Languages. It proves Microsoft do listen… but they need a bit more time. It seems that Microsoft still don’t have clear or integrated direction for cloud computing so far… looking forward for the PDC Oslo release…

And can’t miss the last full day of Bill Gates in Microsoft… whatever big names that you can ever imagine are there… Somasegar’s demo is also very interesting too… but the fist silverlight demo just like piclens

You can also view more videos for this event here

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Day 2`s Session Videos
You can check my notes on the sessions that I’ve attended here

Keynote (Day 2) – Enterprise Architecture at the Government of Canada
The Government of Canada has started to apply EA in innovative ways and they are getting results in ways (and places) you will not expect. Come learn how Canada’s Chief Architect and his team are pushing the EA envelop and driving towards Coherent Government by Design.


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CSAF 2008 – Day 2 My Notes

Day 2 in general is interesting… but when I found that Simon Guest won`t come tomorrow, a bit disappointed. For the full list of sessions videos, click here

KeyNote: EA – Everything Aligned
Gary Doucet from Government of Canada shared his insight in EA implementation. He emphasised that the enterprise architecture already exist in the enterprise… just not in a structure way…we need to make it coherent/align. The EA process should be a driver role to design the business process instead of just capturing the requirement, progressing from foundation, extended to embedded stage of the alignment between business process and architecture.


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Canada Strategic Architecture Forum 2008 Day 1
  • Morning session is quite interesting, it seems that Microsoft having a big bet for future in MS-Surface and natural interface (IPod Touch?)
  • Richard (BMO) having a very interest presentation to share his experience as a Chief Architect in BMO, some of them are very practical (or real) tips…
  • Afternoon sessions are a bit disappointed, nothing really new from Microsoft’s sessions. They still promoting their BPIO model (MS version of CMMI…), but I found that it’s too MS-product centric…
  • The Application Platform Optimization via SOA session was quite interesting for the Service Virtualization concept… (too bad, we don`t have video for this session yet…)

In the panel discussion session, I joined the SOA road map one…
I`m still hesitate or doubt to have a solid SOA road map, or invest in the solid implementation yet. We always say that the architecture should not rely on technology implementations. I still remember in late 80s to early 90s when every architect focus on state-of-the-art distributed computing architecture using DCE, COBRA and Forte (MS may want to put DCOM in the same category). When the http (and Java) waves come in 90s (thanks to T. Berners-Lee), all the effort in those heavy weighted stacks on APIs or IDLs become legacy architecture. Will those WS-* based or WCF based SOA face the same problem when the RESTful wave come, actually it`s coming already.

Session Videos

Keynote – Norm Judah
Architectural discontinuities continue to drive both innovation and opportunity. The next wave of these discontinuities is no different in its breadth and depth, for example; Mobile Platform, Virtualization, Software plus Services and Green Computing. Each one of these has implications on how we design, build, deploy and manage applications, and in particular, the application architecture.


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My first day of Qcon is Kent Beck’s Mapping XP tutorial. The content of the tutorial is a bit weaker than what I expected. It covers an overview of the of XP’s values, principles and practices. Most of the time were discussions on the attendees experience. Afterward, we spent some times on Mind Mapping and Appreciative Inquiry technique. Although it’s not a new ideas, like XP ten years ago which gave me stunning feeling, it still provides the attendees some interesting exercises.

In the afternoon, it covered some PP experience, change control / change management, and his new book Implementation Patterns. I was a bit disappointed that he did not cover any specific TDD experience. Again… most of the time was spending on discussions among attendees. At the end Kent also covered the other two patterns that is not in his book yet…

In general, you can feel Kent’s experience and vision, but the whole tutorial is kind of lacking focus or themes… Personally,  I prefer the session in last year’s MS pattern & practice summit, that Peter Provost and Michael Puleio given. They ran the presentation as an Agile process, from getting audience’s requirements, prioritize and role playing…

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