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MS Arch Journal 17

Journal 17: Distributed Computing.
Welcome to the 17th issue of The Architecture Journal! In this issue, we focus on Distributed Computing. We are approaching an inflection point with today’s hardware and technologies where a vision from only a few years ago is becoming reality—from deploying applications on microscopic devices in our environment through to football-sized datacenters offering applications in the cloud. Whether small or large, distribution and concurrency of multiple services can introduce a number of challenges—the focus of this issue is to understand what these challenges are, and how they can be overcome.  Download your electronic copy HERE.  


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LHC down until 2009…

Due the electrical problem… it will be down till 2009


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The LHC finally on … see more here

All Scientists are waiting for this moment for so many years… hoping to find more in their wish list for supersymmetry, Higgs boson, Dark matters, back holes, extract dimensions…

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