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WWDC – iPhone 3G

Today’s keynote mainly cover iPhone (some sneak peak of OS X Snow Leopard), TypePad blogging, Enterprise support, GPS, new language support, MobileMe, …etc, for iPhone 2.0 software

iPhone is in 6 countries. Stretch goal was 25 countries. Virtually all of North and South America and Europe covered. The map includes 70 countries overall for this year. The iPhone 3G 8GB will sell for US$199 and the 16GB will sell for US$299. The 16GB will also feature a white back. The iPhone 3G rolls out in 22 countries on July 11 for US$199. The product will be launched in Canada via Rogers.


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Full of bells-and-whistles of Velocity, Oslo, Sync Framework and .NET parallel extension. Gates also disclosed that UML will be part of Visual Studio 10, which I asked for years… The reappearance of the general-purpose industry standard UML for modeling in the flagship products in Microsoft’s developer line comes after several years of emphasis on special-purpose Microsoft-brewed DSLs, or Domain-Specific Languages. It proves Microsoft do listen… but they need a bit more time. It seems that Microsoft still don’t have clear or integrated direction for cloud computing so far… looking forward for the PDC Oslo release…

And can’t miss the last full day of Bill Gates in Microsoft… whatever big names that you can ever imagine are there… Somasegar’s demo is also very interesting too… but the fist silverlight demo just like piclens

You can also view more videos for this event here

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Simplicity is the elusive grail that Agile teams strive for. But doing the simplest thing is rarely intuitive or easy.  This session explores different approaches to finding the simplest thing and questions whether there are situations where it may be a bad idea.

Greg Young will facilitate a session for it… The format will be a fish bowl – an open, free-wheeling discussion where all participants are encouraged to join in and be part of the discussion. 

Date: Monday June 9th, 2007
Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Location: Sophos, 580 Granville St., Vancouver


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